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Humble Root was established with a mission statement to become the best cannabis delivery dispensary in the Sacramento area. Our goal is to change the stigma and stereotypes that still abound around cannabis. We believed cannabis could be delivered in a professional and timely fashion with affordable pricing, free delivery, massive selection, and excellent customer service!


Since 2015, our highly reputable team has utilized their expertise in the cannabis industry to deliver premium and affordable cannabis—flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and accessories—straight to your doorstep in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

We provide professional, enjoyable cannabis delivery through education, training and inclusion for all. At Humble Root, we strive to give everyone access to quality affordable cannabis in the comfort of their own home, while earning their trust to build lifelong relationships.



Type: Delivery

Social: Instragram: @humblerootco

Phone: 916-479-1184