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We are an all women-owned company committed to environmentally friendly practices. We create healthy sugar-free alternatives in the edible category with our award winning dehydrated drinks “zen sips”. We highlight the beauty and elegance of cannabis with our rose petal pre-rolls and flower gift packs.


The word “khemia” (khem-ee-ah) comes from the root words “chemistry” and “alchemy” in ancient Greek and Arabic. The suffix “mia” is the feminine for the word “mine” in Latin. The name of this brand speaks to its legacy to revive cannabis artistry and preserve cannabis history, through creation of products that work with one’s individual chemistry and alchemy. Furthermore, Khemia revives cannabis artistry and preserves cannabis history through its commitment to work solely with legacy cannabis farmers and manufacturing experts.



Type: Manufacturing, shared manufacturing facility, and distribution

Phone: 916-968-3331