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Trees of Knowledge is one of the few black-owned cannabis deliveries in the Sacramento region. We are here to serve you and your cannabis needs. We aim to provide our community with a discreet, professional, and informative experience – please allow us to bring our noteworthy service to your doorsteps. We currently accept orders for medical and recreational/adult-use, accepting cash on delivery only.


We are not trying to ride the recent wave that has overtaken the community. We have been around the industry for years, and our roots within it run extremely deep with great partnerships and long-standing industry ties.


This, in addition to our belief in treating others with compassion and understanding service, allows and compels us to provide some truly amazing deals. We don’t allow anything on our menu that we have not tested out personally – allowing us to stand with confidence behind our products.



Type: Delivery

Social: Instagram: @trees_ofknowledge

Phone: 916-396-9055